PHP Changes, Photo Memes, DIY SEO Live Labs – Tips Tuesday recap 11/6/18

Details and links here
Tips this week include:
• A new time for our live Tips Tuesday recap
• The status on my test for turning off Gutenberg in WP 5.0
• The start of the DIY SEO course Live Labs this week
• Why daydreaming is good for the soul
• The first Release Candidate for WP 5.0 is here
• An update to Google’s reCaptcha code for a frictionless user experience
• Big changes coming with PHP
• A new video tutorial to help you easily change your PHP level
• What’s in the Genesis 2.7 Beta release
• A super story of how one blogger shifted to engage with her audience more and diversify her income stream – and it worked
• A Canva step-by-step guide for both experienced and beginner users
• A fun, free way to create video blips, GIFs, and photo memes

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